BSI calls on Government to protect the immunisation budget

The British Society for Immunology has today had a letter published in The Times in which we highlight the importance of protecting the UK’s immunisation programme from cuts to the public health and life sciences budget. This is a shortened version of a letter that we have sent to the Chancellor.
In November, the Government will publish the results of the Comprehensive Spending Review, mapping out public spending over the course of the next five years. The BSI is concerned that further cuts to the public health budget, which performs a critical role in supporting the delivery of vaccine schedules, as well as any reduction in the life sciences budget, threatens the current and future delivery of national immunisation programmes.
BSI President, Professor Peter Openshaw, discusses the importance of the immunisation programme to UK health and why we feel the need to act in a new blog post. (Image credit: Wellcome Images)


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The BSI is offering financial support to individuals who are medical students or postgraduate students (PhDs & MScs) and are planning to undertake a formal placement, either as part of their medical elective or for a summer placement. Awards of up to £1500 are available to support placements with a strong immunological component, which will enhance the recipient's future career. For more details on the application process click here.

Mrinalini Dey received an award earlier this year, read her recent blog post about her elective at the Centre for Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore this summer.


The BSI exists to support our members in achieving the best in immunological research, scholarship, and clinical practice. As the largest membership organisation for immunologists in Europe, we are uniquely placed to inform political debate and policy development, and to ensure the voice of immunology is heard with decision makers in Westminster and elsewhere.

Our new policy and public affairs section is the place where you can read our positions on important issues and read through our responses to consultations and calls for evidence from the Government and others. All policy positions are developed through the BSI Forum

We are launching the section with the BSI's position on the use of animal models in scientific research. You can also read our responses to a CaSE survey on the benefits of immigration for science, and a Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry on the science budget.

New BSI blog launched

BSI blog We're delighted to announce the launch of our new BSI blog, providing a forum for us to discuss the latest immunology research, projects we are working on to support the discipline and some of the hot topics of the day. Our first post, from BSI CEO Jo Revill, explores the importance of communication to the Society and looks ahead at some of topics you can look forward to us tackling over the coming months. 

You can find the BSI blog at 

2015 BSI Membership survey results

BSI survey
As many of you will know, the BSI recently conducted a survey of our membership to find out your views on the activities of the BSI, how we can help your career and what areas of work you would like us to focus on in the future. This is the first major survey that the BSI has carried out for some years and the feedback we have received will help us understand more about what you want from your membership and to ensure that we are giving you (and the discipline of immunology) the right support in an array of areas including careers, public engagement, networking and regional activities to name but a few. Download the key findings.

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