Join us for the BSI's 60th anniversary lecture

2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the British Society for Immunology.  As part of our celebrations, we are hosting a free public debate at the Royal Society entitled ‘The changing face of medical research’.  This will take place at 18:00-19:30 on Tuesday 11 October.
With panel members Professor Sir Robert Lechler, Professor Peter Openshaw and Professor Fiona Powrie, we explore how biomedical research has changed over the past 60 years and where it may lead us in the future, from self-experimentation that would be unimaginable today, to big data and collaboration on a global scale. Author and broadcaster Professor Adam Hart will chair the discussion, which will be followed by a complementary drinks reception.

We hope many BSI members are able to join us at this free event to celebrate our first 60 years and look forward to the next 60. Tickets are going fast so book your space here.

BSI response to new vaccination statistics for England

On 22 Septmeber, NHS Digital released the annual report on NHS Immunisation Statistics, England, 2015-16.  This shows that there has been an overall decrease in vaccination rates in England over the past year.  In response to this news, the British Society for Immunology has released a statement from our President, Professor Peter Openshaw. The full statement can read here. The statement has been reported by BBC News Online and the Daily Telegraph. Image credit: Wellcome Images

BSI response to paper on early life exposure to food types and allergies

A paper published in JAMA on 20 September has conducted a meta-analysis to examine the evidence that timing of allergenic food introduction during infancy influences risk of allergic or autoimmune disease.  In response to this paper, the BSI has released a statement from BSI spokesperson, Dr Louisa James.  You can read the full statement here.  

Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry on Leaving the EU: implications and opportunities for science and research

The EU plays a facilitative role in promoting scientific collaboration, ensuring fluid researcher mobility, and funding the highest quality scientific research. In this document we set out a number of priority issues for the government in managing our exit from the EU. These include maintaining access to the full programme of EU science initiatives, preserving streamlined immigration for scientists (ideally by retaining free movement), and guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens currently residing here to stay. However, as our report Immunology: An international, life-saving science points out, immunology is a truly global science. Therefore, the post-referendum period may also offer fresh opportunities to expand or renew strong links with partners outside Europe. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

New issue of Immunology News now out

The September issue of the BSI’s membership magazine, Immunology News, is now out and can now be accessed online via our membership portal.  
This issue features a wealth of news, views and feature articles from the BSI and the world of immunology.  We celebrate the BSI’s 60th anniversary and take a look at some of the exciting events we have planned for you.  Meanwhile, John Maher discusses the achievements and challenges of CAR T-cell immunotherapy, while Magdalena Dziadzio on her journey to becoming a consultant immunologist.  With recent political events still resonating, we discuss the implications for immunology of ‘Brexit’ and what our South Wales Group are doing to highlight the internationalism of research.  We also look ahead to December and the exciting BSI Congress, this year held jointly with our Dutch colleagues in the vibrant city of Liverpool.  

The British Society for Immunology (BSI) mission is to promote excellence in immunological research, scholarship and clinical practice in order to improve human and animal health. 

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