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The Forum is the BSI's 'think tank' and the place where the issues and ideas that are of importance to the Society and its members are raised, discussed and developed. The Forum develops ideas and proposals for the consideration of the Board of Trustees.

Members of the Forum are expected to:
  • Attend Forum meetings
  • Be forward thinking, proactive and participatory
  • Be respectful of the views and concerns of fellow Forum members
  • Be familiar with current trends and issues of relevance to the Society
  • Be willing and able to engage with members of the Immunological community in order to glean and disseminate information
  • Consider issues pertinent to the many diverse interests of the Society's members
  • Support and promote the strategic aims of the Society
  • Encourage membership of the Society
  • Be prepared to lead or take part in small working groups as appropriate
Forum members are elected from the membership, by the membership, following open calls for vacant positions. An elected member shall serve on the Forum for a single term of four years. If he or she has served a term as a member of the Forum he or she must take a break and may not serve again as a member of the Forum until two years have elapsed.

Once elected the Chair of the Forum shall automatically serve as a Trustee ex officio. The term of office for the Chair of the Forum shall be four years in line with other Trustees. The Forum will hold face-to-face meetings at least three times a year.  Additional correspondence will be carried out between meetings via email and telephone as appropriate. Members who do not attend for three consecutive meetings will be asked to leave the committee.

The Forum has 15 permanent roles as outlined below, with additional members invited as required. These invited positions currently consist of the Animal Science Group Representative (reporting to and from the Animal Sciences Group) and the Policy Representative (reporting to and from the Society of Biology).

Chair of Forum
Prof Anne Cooke 2018 [email protected]
Prof Peter Openshaw 2017 [email protected]
Clinical Secretary
Dr Sofia Grigoriadou 2019  [email protected]
Education Secretary 
Dr Helen Collins 2018 [email protected]
Programme Secretary 
Dr Leonie Taams 2017 [email protected]
Public Enagement Secretary
Dr Sheena Cruickshank 2018 [email protected]
Chief Executive
Jo Revill  - [email protected]
Regional Representative
- Scotland
Dr Jayne Hope 2017 [email protected]
Regional Representative
- Scotland
Dr Simon Milling 2017 [email protected]
Regional Representative
- England
Dr Graham Cook 2017 [email protected]
Regional Representative
- England
Dr Fiona Culley 2017
Regional Representative
- Wales
Dr Matthias Eberl 2016 [email protected]  
Regional Representative
- Northern Ireland
Dr Ultan Power 2015 [email protected]
Early Career Representative
Dr Anne L Astier 2015 [email protected]
Early Career Representative
Dr Emma Chambers 2018 [email protected]
Early Career Representative 
Dr Beth Holder
[email protected]
Policy Representative
Dr Mark Coles

[email protected]
 PhD Representative
 PhD Representative
James Richards
[email protected]
Animal Sciences Group Dr Stephen Thompson   [email protected]
Clinical representative Dr Tariq El-Shanawany  2017 [email protected]
2nd Clinical Representative   Prof Mike Ehrenstein 2017  [email protected]

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Disclaimer: Due to questions of resource, and ethical considerations, as a professional organisation representing the interests of our members, we are not in a position to offer specific medical advice to individuals, nor are we willing to disclose member information for this purpose.