BSI Board of Trustees

The BSI Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the business activities of the BSI. The members of the Board have legal responsibilities and liabilities and must ensure the Society is well-run, financially sound, and that it meets its charitable aims and objectives.

As outlined in the BSI Rules, each member of the Board is elected by the membership and serves for a four-year period. The Trustees delegate the day-to-day management of the Society to the Chief Executive and her team.

Details of the BSI Board of Trustees are listed below and reflect changes to the Board following the AGM held on Wednesday 3 December 2014 . The minutes of this meeting may be viewed here.

Board of Trustees

     Professor Peter Openshaw

     Retires 2017
     Dr Lindsay Nicholson

     Retires 2017
     Chair of Forum
     Professor Anne Cooke

     Groups' Secretary 
     Professor Robert Barker 

     Retires 2016   
     Programme Secretary
     Dr Leonie Taams

     Retires 2017

     Retires 2015  
     Dr Bill Egner

     Retires 2015
     Public Engagement Secretary
     Dr Sheena Cruickshank

     Retires 2018  

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