Clinical Service Accreditation

A meeting arranged by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges was held on Monday 29th June 2009 examining the development of accreditation schemes for clinical services.

The meeting aimed to:

  • draw together those who already have an interest in service accreditation
  • exchange information on current experiences of accreditation
  • discuss the accreditation needs of the health service
  • start work towards a common understanding of how clinical service accreditation systems might best function and be coordinated in the UK

The following powerpoint presentations have been made available from the meeting:

Service accreditation; where we are now, what we hope to achieve

Where we are now: reports from specific schemes:
Mental Health

Where we’d like to be: reports from ‘users and consumers’:  

Making accreditation work – the United Kingdom Accreditation Service 

How can we all do it better? 
Developing a Core Model

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