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The Society's journals, Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, are key journals for all immunologists; and the royalties derived from them provide major financial support for the Society's activities.

Our journals are published on our behalf by Wiley. Access to the journals accords with the Washington DC Principles for Free Access to Science. This facility links to the journals on Wiley Online Library, the online journals service from Wiley. Access via Wiley Online Library brings a range of features not necessarily available via the online subscription supplied by your institution. In addition, subscriptions to the print versions of these journals are available to members at a reduced rate.

Please note that our journals are available online free of charge to BSI members however to access either journal you must also be logged into this website. (To log in, simply click here and follow the links from the following page.)

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Disclaimer: Due to questions of resource, and ethical considerations, as a professional organisation representing the interests of our members, we are not in a position to offer specific medical advice to individuals, nor are we willing to disclose member information for this purpose.