Benefits of Membership with the BSI

Benefits of Membership

Membership of the BSI offers a range of benefits in addition to the opportunity to interact and communicate with your scientific peers. Member involvement is key to maintaining the Society as a dynamic organisation responsive to, and catering for, the needs of its members. Some of the many benefits associated with membership are given below:


Full BSI members are eligible (after one membership year) to apply for Travel Awards and other associated grants. Please click here for more information on Awards, Grants, Fellowships and Prizes. 


Members benefit from substantially reduced registration rates at our Congress. Full BSI Members also benefit from reduced registration costs at meetings organised by the Society's network of Regional and Affinity Groups. To see what meetings are coming up near you, please click here. 


The BSI publishes two primary research journals, Clinical and Experimental Immunology and Immunology. Full BSI members receive free online access to these journals, which can be accessed by logging into the BSI website. 


BSI members can recieve $1000 (33% discount) off publication charge in both of our journalsd via our open access route OnlineOpen. This discount can be obtained by entering your BSI membership number into OnlineOpen form upon choosing either journal. Members also recieve discounts on all books published by Blackwell Publishing.


  • Immunology News: Our quarterly publication. It is the Society's magazine and its voice, and is distributed free to all members.
  • BSI E-News: eNews is sent out to all members monthly, via email. It includes information about the Society, the latest content from the Society's journals Immunology and Clinical & Experimental Immunology, forthcoming meetings, jobs, as well as other relevant information.
  • Access to BSI website
  • Benefits through organisational membership
  • Clinical Awards: BSI is a registered nominating body for clinical awards in England and Wales through the Advisory Committee on clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) and in Scotland through the Scottish Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards (SACDA). At appropriate times during the year, eligible members will be invited to forward their application for an award to the BSI. 

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Benefits of Membership with the BSI
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Disclaimer: Due to questions of resource, and ethical considerations, as a professional organisation representing the interests of our members, we are not in a position to offer specific medical advice to individuals, nor are we willing to disclose member information for this purpose.