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60 years of the British Society for Immunology

60 years of immunology reportThe British Society for Immunology celebrates 60 years on Tuesday 11 October.  We are proud to have supported immunology and immunologists during this time and we hope as many of you as possible are able to join us in celebrating this important milestone.
To commemorate our anniversary, we have published a new report '60 years of immunology' to celebrate the breadth and depth of immunological research in this country and beyond.  The report discusses key areas where immunology has and will have a significant impact on our understanding of human and animal biology, our ability to treat and even cure common diseases and our capacity to deal with emerging threats on a global scale. We feel that now, more than ever, it's important that we are able to engage with Government, decision makers and funders to make the case for just how important immunological research is to the life sciences, patient care and the economy and we hope that this report will help us achieve this.  Download the full report here
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BSI's 60th anniversary lecture

BSI 60th anniversary lectureThank you to everyone who attended our 60th anniversary lecture last night at the Royal Society.  We were delighted that so many of you were able to join us in celebrating this important milestone for the Society.  Some photos from the event are now available on our Flickr channel
Our thanks also go to panel members Professor Sir Robert Lechler, Professor Peter Openshaw and Professor Fiona Powrie and Chair Professor Adam Hart for taking part in the event.
Here's to the next 60 years of the British Society for Immunology! 

Celebrating immunologists throughout our 60-year history

60th anniversary immunologists
As part of our anniversary celebrations, the BSI is celebrating the contributions made to our discipline by outstanding immunologists throughout our 60-year history.  We are featuring some of the key characters who led the way in ensuring that immunology is the broad reaching, innovative and exciting discipline that we know today.
You can find more information on each of these people on our website, plus some highlights of their research that was published in BSI journals. 

Science and Technology Select Committee inquiry on Leaving the EU: implications and opportunities for science and research

The EU plays a facilitative role in promoting scientific collaboration, ensuring fluid researcher mobility, and funding the highest quality scientific research. In this document we set out a number of priority issues for the government in managing our exit from the EU. These include maintaining access to the full programme of EU science initiatives, preserving streamlined immigration for scientists (ideally by retaining free movement), and guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens currently residing here to stay. However, as our report Immunology: An international, life-saving science points out, immunology is a truly global science. Therefore, the post-referendum period may also offer fresh opportunities to expand or renew strong links with partners outside Europe. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

The British Society for Immunology (BSI) mission is to promote excellence in immunological research, scholarship and clinical practice in order to improve human and animal health. 

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