BSI Regional and Affinity Groups

All BSI members are encouraged to join and become active in the work of the many Regional Groups and Affinity Groups supported by the BSI.

The BSI provides annual financial assistance as well as a variety of resources and services to assist Groups in their activities. These activities include regular email updates, seminars and meetings as well as larger, one-off events. Members are therefore encouraged to visit Regional Group event calendars and Affinity Group event calendars for details about the activities that are available.

BSI members can join a group by simply updating their membership profile.

Any members wishing to form a new group are encouraged to discuss their ideas with Rob Barker, the BSI Groups Secretary, or Melanie Lucas, Deputy CEO.

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Disclaimer: Due to questions of resource, and ethical considerations, as a professional organisation representing the interests of our members, we are not in a position to offer specific medical advice to individuals, nor are we willing to disclose member information for this purpose.