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The BSI has a number of vacancies for our various committees, and would encourage you all to consider applying. Vacancies are open to all full paying members of the Society*, regardless of age or experience, and we particularly welcome applications from members at an early career stage. 

Click here to learn more about the roles available, including role descriptions, contact information and more. The deadline for all nominations is 17:00 on Friday 13 May 2016. 

Immunology Teaching Survey

To support our newly launched strategy, the BSI is conducting a survey to find out more about those who teach immunology within Higher Education Institutes. If you’re involved in teaching or supervising undergraduates or postgraduates we’d like to hear from you, whether you do it full-time or once a year. We want to learn about the different ways immunology is taught and how the BSI might support those who are teaching and their careers.

You can access the survey here and it should only take 5 minutes to complete.


To help mark our 60th anniversary, we are looking to collect a list of objects, or things, through which the story of immunology and its history can be told. In doing so, we hope to communicate how far the study and practice of immunology has come, from the days of pre-Jenner variolation, right up to the latest technologies at the cutting edge of immunological practice. But we need your help to come up with a good list.

At this stage, we want to hear all your suggestions for objects, or things, and why we should include them on our list. To find out more about the 'History of Immunology in 60 Objects' project, please click here

BSI's new five-year strategy

We are pleased to launch the new five-year strategy for the BSI, which has been produced in collaboration between our Trustees and staff with input from the membership survey we carried out last year. 

A copy of the strategy can be downloaded here.

International Congress of Immunology 2016 / International Veterinary Immunology Symposium

International Congress of Immunology is taking place in Melbourne, Australia between 21-26 August 2016.  International Veterinary Immunology Symposium is taking place on the Gold Coast Australia between 16 - 19 August 2016. Registration is now open for what promises to be two fantastic meetings. Visit or for more details.

Clinical & Experimental Immunology (CEI)

& Experimental Immunology (CEI) are seeking a new Editor in Chief to join the journal from September 2016. CEI is a high-ranking, internationally respected journal publishing impactful clinical and translational immunology research papers and reviews. The successful candidate will work closely with the BSI editorial team to drive the editorial direction and development of this high ranking monthly journal.

For further information and job description please click here

The British Society for Immunology (BSI) actively promotes and supports excellence in research, scholarship and clinical practice in Immunology for the benefit of human and animal health and welfare. It seeks to help British Immunology accomplish the highest possible goals.

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